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Aquarium Services

The State of Connecticut and The Humane Society have declared Pet Services as Essential Services, and we take COVID responsibility seriously. We monitor CT travel advisory notices, comply with CDC COVID-19 guidelines and wear necessary gear such as masks, gloves and gowns. We are routinely swab-tested in coordination with service visits and will adopt any protocols our clients feel necessary to feel comfortable. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions on COVID safety.



Koi Angel Fish.jpg

Design is the prerequisite to installation. We consult with our clients ahead of time to discuss details of aquarium type (SW or FW), size, budget and location. Saltwater aquariums can grow in complexity, so it is important to address goals and any limitations.

Once a design is agreed upon, we work with clients to purchase all the necessary equipment. Equipment choices can be overwhelming. Our experienced aquatic staff can recommend the best solution for success of the inhabitants while also considering a budget.

Once all equipment components are purchased, we deliver them to the site location and perform setup of filtration systems, electrical, lighting and life support. It is important to realize creating a successful Living Work of Art requires some patience. The system may need to be up and running to allow for critical life support parameters to reach optimal range before adding livestock. 

Albino Threadfin Acara and Torpedo Barbs

Routine maintenance is key to any Aquarium setup. Unlike the open ocean, these setups are considered closed systems and we must perform certain tasks to maintain a healthy environment.

In the ten years of maintaining numerous and a variety of Aquarium setups, we have learned what tasks are critical and what tasks are secondary. We apply our experience to your individual aquarium in performing our schedule because if there is one thing that rings true time and time again, it is that every Aquarium is different.

Our services are designed with the individual in mind. Maybe your Aquarium is in your place of business and your business operations need to be your focus. We can perform everything so all you have to do is enjoy. Maybe you have a home office, as this is becoming more the case in these challenging times, and want to be more involved. We can let you do what you want to do, and we do the rest.



  • Custom maintenance based on aquarium needs and budget

  • Potential for mid-cycle visits as needed to address conditions like rapid evaporation to ensure optimal appearance of Aquarium

  • Decor exchanges to provide an ever-changing look inside the Aquarium

  • Free maintenance visit for qualified referrals

  • Vacation visits to check in on your Aquarium inhabitants while you are away, giving you peace of mind

  • Aquarium leasing for qualified business owners

  • Ability to see maintenance records on a cloud-based APP

  • Ability to take advantage of Aquaculture Coral Facilities for acquiring/trading Corals

  • Exposure to aquarium industry leaders on a variety of equipment components, additives, best practices and nutrition

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