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Client Feedback

“Dan has transformed my Aquarium! My customers enjoy the colors and the schooling nature of the fish. It offers them a calming influence while they await their appointments. The ever-changing plant decorations that Dan adds keeps the tank looking new and fresh. He has done an excellent job keeping our lobby exciting!”

Heidi Van Flatern
Hospital Manager, VCA New London

“Our Aquarium is unique in that it is viewable from multiple sides. Kids love counting the fish, it can occupy them, and they don’t stress over why they are here!” 

Leslie Matzdorf
Office Manager, Contemporary Dentistry

“We don’t have one Aquarium, we have three! Our largest is in our lobby so clients can relax while they wait for their appointment. Clients are always commenting on how great they look.”

Ted Malahias, DDS
Bridgeworks Dental Group

"For the last several years, I have admired Dan’s creations at a mutual client’s business. When I moved into my new office, I knew it was time. How exciting! I have a 45-gallon freshwater aquarium that I absolutely love. I’ve named everyone, even the two African Frogs Dan made special provisions for! When Dan isn’t here, his two associates are super, so passionate about what they do. I am especially thankful for Dan taking the time to go over the details when we first started because we are currently talking about Aquarium #2. This one will be in my home!"

Madeline Lewis

Owner of Lewis Representation

Dan and I go way back. I’m one of his original clients. I had a freshwater Pacu, a common freshwater species name for a fish related to Piranha. Dan was initially hesitant to put his fingers at risk but eventually grew to like Jaws. He even baby-sat Jaws for five days during Super Storm Sandy when I was away on business! I’ve moved from my beloved home in New London to a beautiful farm house in Ledyard. I missed my aquarium so much, I asked Dan if he could move it in. Not only is my aquarium now a beautiful feature of my home office, but my boyfriend also has a gorgeous saltwater setup Dan set up. Kevin is now planning an upgrade to a larger one! We couldn’t be happier with Dan and his team!

Dorothea Carters

Managing Partner of KL Select

"OMG! Where do I start? Dan has a been a neighbor, my fish psychiatrist, aquarium mover, fish relocator, chemistry consultant, equipment vendor, forensic accounting student and most recently a Fantasy Football Rival. Dan and I share a passion for all things saltwater. My husband Jeff and I maintain our 120-gallon marine reef setup but if I ever tire of doing it, I know who to call."

Sandy Thompson

Corporate Professional, Homeowner, East Lyme, CT

"We were ready to get rid of our 150-gallon custom-built reef aquarium. Equipment, algae issues and unreliable service providers. We found Dan on Google and decided to call him for an interview. Our aquarium is such a part of our home, being built into the wall dividing our family room and formal living room, we didn’t want to let it go. Dan accessed the aquarium condition and made recommendations. His explanations described the science behind what was wrong and what was needed. Well I must say that was over 9 months ago and we are so happy to have our aquarium back! All the issues have been resolved, new corals and fish are thriving! I knew we found the right service provider when my husband Michael recently complemented Dan, he didn’t think it could be done and he rarely offers compliments. Job well done!"

Michael and Laura Nesta

Owners of Energy Beam Sciences

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