Dan's Water Worlds, LLC, located in Waterford, Connecticut, is a full-service aquarium design, installation and maintenance company serving homes and businesses in the Connecticut Valley and surrounding areas.

Daniel Brasel

I have kept fish since I can remember. I bet my first fishbowl is still in Mom’s green house somewhere. Next came a twenty-gallon community setup and dreams of aquaculture. I had the bug!

Fast forward to present day – I have two saltwater mixed-reef display tanks flowing through multiple rooms and levels of my home, a total of 350 gallons. I have a custom-built, planted freshwater aquarium in my office and, of course, an outdoor pond for enjoyment in the summertime.

My professional career started in the science-rich research environment of Bell Laboratories, where I later found my niche in applying current technologies to benefit environmental efforts. For the last thirty years, I have worked on implementing computer applications at Water and Wastewater Treatment Facilities throughout New England. Over the years, I would learn how to apply the science and technologies of these processes to my current business, Dan’s Water Worlds, LLC. As my in-home saltwater setup evolved, it was apparent that some of the same technologies used at treatment plants were showing up in the aquarium industry.


In the early years of working on various aspects of reef keeping, I learned that trusting and following local industry gurus for advice on the more challenging aspects would be key to my success. These gurus would later move on to pursue careers elsewhere, leaving behind a business opportunity I acted on.

Stacie Renda
Aquatic Specialist

Even though her first love was entomology, Stacie has always had fish tanks. She had them as a little girl, some of them collections of what she got at the pet store, some of them a collection of what she found in her Nana's pond. She had them in college. Inhabitants ranged from mixed tropical fish to an African lungfish to a pair of butterfly koi, a brackish tank with a slate waterfall and mudskippers, and a large monster tank with livestock like knife fish, rope fish, red-tailed catfish, fire eels and bichirs. She also had nano tanks, shrimp tanks and coral tanks and has cared for many a terrarium and paludarium. She currently keeps bioactive terrariums for dart frogs and geckos, too.

When not out working at Dan’s Water Worlds performing maintenance service, installs or aquarium moves, Stacie volunteers at a local Coral Aquaculture facility. Her duties there include weekly chemical sampling and analysis, coral identification and selection for preparation for wholesale market clients. Under the guidance of Michael “Doc” Gerdes, she has learned a new skill – fragging corals (a process of cutting larger coral colonies into smaller grow-out specimens).

In March 2010, Dans Water Worlds (DWW) was created. To this day, providing sound advice and applying methods based on science is a cornerstone of our methods.

Over the last ten years, DWW has grown from a small collection of 8 clients to near thirty and growing. During this time, residential clients have moved away and businesses have closed, but I have never lost a client over a performance issue. Dedicated efforts, earning the trust of clients and providing quality services at a fair price have helped grow our current client list.

I have worked with local high school internship programs and college students looking for summer jobs as a source of help for the business through the years. I feel fortunate to have found two very knowledgeable, conscientious individuals sharing the same passion for helping clients enjoy the aspects of reef-keeping and the aquarium hobby in general. As natural resources continue to be stretched thin, we feel it is important to educate client's if they are responsible for providing care.

The team at DWW is routinely visiting client locations to perform maintenance activities, review existing livestock conditions and make any necessary adjustments. We constantly work with outside consultants on business projects to grow business opportunities and develop best practices. As we stay busy, even in the face of challenges presented us in this year of 2020, we continue to keep an eye out for potential grant opportunities in the aquarium industry regarding the education of future generations.

Shawn Close
Aquatic Specialist

Shawn is a father of two and loves anything to do with water. What started out as a simple hobby with a small fish tank has turned into somewhat of an obsession and way of life for Shawn. He maintains several tanks at home, both fresh and salt water…and they keep coming!

Shawn enjoys learning and soaking up as much education as he can, but he also loves to share his knowledge with the public and customers. He educates his own children on the hobby and hopes they will follow his passion!

Shawn met Dan by chance but was all in when Dan asked for help with his service company, Since the later part of 2019, Shawn has managed to provide valuable assistance on service calls, juggle school assignments during COVID school closures and all while working full time as an aquatic specialist at Petco.

Fish are Shawn’s work, and they are also his escape. He is always happy to help someone out, and he looks forward to working with you. Tanks!

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