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Dan's Water Worlds, LLC, located in Waterford, Connecticut, is a full-service aquarium design, installation and maintenance company serving homes and businesses in the Connecticut Valley and surrounding areas.

Meet Our Team

Daniel Brasel

My professional career started in the science-rich research environment of Bell Laboratories. I later found my niche applying current technologies at water and wastewater treatment facilities for their beneficial impact on the environment. Over the years, I learned how to apply these technologies to my current business, Dan’s Water Worlds, LLC.


In the early years of working on various aspects of reef keeping, I learned that utilizing industry leading products and following local gurus for advice on the more challenging aspects would be key to our success. 

In the last twelve years, Dan's Water Worlds has grown from a small collection of eight clients to near thirty and growing. 

Stacie Renda
Office Manager

Even though her first love was entomology, Stacie has always had fish tanks. She had them as a little girl, some of them collections of what she got at the pet store, some of them a collection of what she found in her Nana's pond. 

Stacie was introduced to Dan's Water Worlds by Coral Aquaculture owner Michael "Doc" Gerdes. She has applied  knowledge of chemical sampling, analysis, coral identification and coral fragging skills during marine reef aquariums. Her retail background, a business degree in accounting and pond design experience has contributed to our recent growth wearing multiple hats in the office and out in the field. 

Stacie brings strong social media experience, helping with our social media posting and content creation.

Stacie has many hobbies such as creating jewelry and  designing tapestries. She can be found foraging for wild mushrooms or clamming with Benji and Maxine.

Dedicated efforts, earning the trust of clients, and providing quality services at a fair price all remain the cornerstone of our business.

Our team routinely visits client locations to perform maintenance activities, review existing livestock conditions and make any necessary adjustments. We consistently meet with our SCORE business consultants to discuss business projects as we continue to grow  and improve our business systems.


We are fortunate to have a place in the aquarium industry and feel compelled to make an impact, as well as to help education future generations.

Shawn Close
Lead Service Technician

Shawn is a father of two and loves anything to do with water. What started out as a simple hobby with a small fish tank has turned into somewhat of an obsession and way of life for Shawn. He maintains several tanks at home, both fresh and saltwater…and they keep coming!

Shawn is a avid learner, educating himself as much as he can, sharing his knowledge with clients, and educating his children on the hobby. He hopes they will follow his passion!

Shawn met Dan by chance but was all in when Dan asked for help with his company. Shawn has been instrumental in managing several lead roles such as lead service technician, aquatic specialist, installer and pond construction.

Fish are Shawn’s work, and they are also his escape. He is always happy to help someone out, and he looks forward to working with you. Tanks!

Cassandrah Gagnon - TPNG.png
Cassandrah Gagnon
Aquatic Specialist

Cassandrah joined us on a chance meeting. She was looking to pick up some flexible work and we were looking for additional associates. Servicing aquariums was new to her but her experience in the aquarium industry as an assistant manager at a National Retailer allowed her to ramp up to a productive asset in a short amount of time.

Cassandrah’s role is focused on servicing our freshwater clients. She has a solid background in freshwater species, their environmental requirements and general compatibility among species. She is eager to learn the saltwater side of things and assist with those client needs.


Cassandrah made an immediate impact with our clients. Easy going and a quick learner, clients enjoy interacting with her. We often hear positive feedback on her work. On her off time, Cassandrah likes to hone her billiard skills or walk along a deserted beach.

Walter Bouchard Headshot.png
Walter Bouchard
Service Technician

From a young age Walter has always been interested in aquatic worlds. From when he was old enough to hold a dip-net, Walter was out capturing turtles and tadpoles, frogs and fish, crayfish and crabs, minnows and eels. Fish tanks and large buckets were treated as hotels, housing various inhabitants for a few days of observation, before the subjects were released back into the pond, brook, stream, river, lake, or bay they were taken out of. 


A relative newcomer to Dan's Water World's, Walter was introduced to Dan and the business by Stacie, a friend since childhood. Combining his passion for aquatic life with the technical know how of experienced pros at Dan's Water Worlds, there have been many opportunities for learning. It's been a great experience. 

Margo T.png
Margo Weitekamp
SCORE Business Mentor

Margo, who is a SCORE volunteer, has been consulting with Dan's Water Worlds and providing valuable business guidance for four years. She has over 30 years of diverse business experience. Margo's primary focus areas are marketing strategy development, marketing research, new product development, and advertising communication.

Jesse Wenzel T.png
Jesse Wenzel
SCORE Business Mentor

Jesse, who is a SCORE volunteer, helps mentor Dan's Water Worlds on issues related to financial matters, such as cash flow and finding funding sources. Jesse has over 35 years of banking expertise in Connecticut, with a focus on small business lending.  

Kirsten Carbone Headshot - T.png
Kirsten Carbone
Content Marketing Specialist

As a Content Marketing Specialist and the owner of On Trend, LLC, Kirsten has been providing content marketing strategies for Dan’s Water Worlds for three years. She has 15 years of experience in content marketing strategy for small businesses and non-profits. Kirsten has provided foundational marketing and branding by re-designing our logo, brochures and business cards. She also developed our current website and facilitated social media, content creation and marketing support before her role expanded to brand communications strategy. 

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